最後の戦争が始まったのか? by ビル・ホルター 2015年8月13日


Did The FINAL WAR Just Start?
Posted August 13th, 2015 at 5:10 PM (CST) by Jim Sinclair & filed under Bill Holter.


Dear CIGAs,


The question of our title is very important, “Did the FINAL WAR just start?”. If you polled Americans on this question, 99.9% would answer “no” if you took out the Middle East. Last week I wrote “The Rumblings of War” regarding the IMF rebuffing China’s entry into the SDR. This was followed up by “The shot heard ’round the world” on Tuesday commenting on China’s surprise devaluation. The purpose of this writing is to show you YES, we are in fact at war! Rather than “tell” you we are at war, I feel it is better to point out a few dots, connect some of them and then ask a few questions which might help you understand the war that is in fact being waged. If you can answer some of the questions then connecting dots and forming your own conclusions will be easier.


As our backdrop, we are “told” the world is in recovery from the very bad experience of 2008. Since then, various central banks have monetized debt on a massive scale, led by the Federal Reserve of the U.S.. Undoubtedly, the greatest “export” from the U.S. has been dollars themselves and financial products known as derivatives. For the most part, the world spun merrily until last fall when Saudi Arabia decided to increase production and lower prices. This was presumably done at the request of the U.S. and meant as a tool to injure Russia’s energy sector, economy and financial system. Can the petrodollar which became accustomed to $100 oil be supported with sub $50 oil? There are two sides to this coin, yes the consumer of oil saves but doesn’t lower oil price mean less liquidity in the system? Doesn’t it mean lower velocity and less demand for dollars?


Moving along, did anyone really wonder “why” or what (or better yet, WHO) was behind China being put off for acceptance as a component of the SDR? Then just two trading days later, China devalued their currency in a surprise move…followed by two more devaluations! Remember, the U.S. has been prodding China to strengthen their currency and has gone so far as to call them a “currency manipulator”! Now we see China doing the exact opposite of U.S. requests (demands?). World markets have been shaken, and at a time when liquidity is quite tight.


A stronger dollar since last fall has acted as a constant and nagging “margin call” to the world which has contributed to the lack of liquidity. Have the Chinese finally said “fine, you want to issue a margin call to the world, we will help you issue it. Let’s see what happens to your financial system when the margin call fails to be met?”. Do you see what I am getting at here? The Chinese are now forcing the dollar higher by devaluing their own currency. They understand the dollar is nothing more than a debt instrument, are they attacking and intending to destroy the dollar with its own strength?


Follow this through, a stronger dollar will decrease our exports and slow our already slow or negative economy. A too strong dollar can actually undermine itself and even kick off a derivatives chain explosion. Our banks and brokers are very thinly capitalized, can they withstand losses in derivatives caused by a currency crisis? Can they withstand the losses from failed counterparties unable to pay? Do you see? A currency crisis “caused” by China could be a calamity. China has already accused Citadel (Ben Bernanke’s new employer) of creating the crash in their equity markets, is a currency crisis retaliation for their equity crash and public shaming by the IMF? If you understand how the Chinese think and also understand the works of Sun Tzu, Jim and I ask if China’s strategy is … “In order to destroy the dollar permanently make it stronger temporarily.”?


Another area to look at is gold and silver. Supplies have recently gotten very tight, not just for retail in the U.S. but all over the world. Has production slowed or have buyers stepped up their hoarding? Or, have Western central banks reduced their “dis hoarding”? Whatever it is, something in the supply/demand dynamics has definitely changed …and it has not taken much money to do it! Are these separate events or are they tied together somehow?


This is where it gets weird or some might say “coincidental”. Did anyone see the explosion at the Chinese port city of Tianjin yesterday? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_92WaPxeqCs “Yesterday” being one day after China devalued their currency? I am no rocket scientist and cannot say for sure, but does this not look like a nuclear explosion? Can someone out there explain to me in simple terms how a chemical explosion could look like this? As for the word “coincidence”, the CIA says there is no such thing as a coincidence!

そしてここからおかしな感じになってきます。「ただの偶然だ」という人達もいるでしょう。昨日の中国の港町、天津で起きた爆発を観た人はいますか? 昨日は中国が人民元を切り下げた翌日です。私はロケット科学者ではありませんので確かなことは言えませんが、しかし、あれは核爆発に似ていると思いませんか?どのようにしたら化学物質の爆発がこのような爆発になるのか、誰か簡単な言葉で教えてくれませんか?’偶然’という言葉ですが、CIAが言うには「偶然などという事柄はこの世に存在しない」ということですから。

Speaking of coincidences and I have permission to pass this along to you. Jim Sinclair wrote just a few days ago for the first time in many a moon, he said “gold has very limited downside from here and could move to $2,000 as an initial stop”. Do you believe it was a coincidence that he speaks now? No, he was called and was “told” by the same people who guided him in 1980 at the market top. Do you believe it was a coincidence following Jim’s writing, the IMF shunned China followed by the shot heard ’round the world of a yuan devaluation …three times?!!! …not to mention an explosion that could be seen from space! My mind is made up, no it is not any coincidence at all.


For months I have been suggesting Mr. Putin would drop a “truth bomb” revealing all sorts of false flag events and fraud perpetrated by the U.S.. I still believe this is to come and now even more likely. Why more likely? Because the financial sparring between East and West may have taken a very serious turn yesterday and I seriously believe a tactical nuke was set off. If this is the case, China will provide proof and they will retaliate. I believe the smoldering stages of what was a financial/technological/trade war have now become hot and the first shot was fired. I truly do ask for comments regarding what happened in Tianjin. Please do not send me opinions, I would like to hear exactly why or why not the explosion was nuclear. I will believe a tactical nuke until someone proves to me it was not. May God help us all with what comes!

私は何ヶ月にも渡って、プーチン氏が’真実の爆弾’を落として、今までアメリカが犯してきたあらゆる類のFalse Flag イベント(敵[第三者]になりすまして行われる作戦[軍事行動]例えば、開戦の口実を作るために、敵がやったと見せ掛けて自国の施設を故意に破壊すること)や詐欺を公に明らかにするべきだと言ってきました。それはやってくると私はまだ信じていますし、その可能性はより上がっていると思っています。なぜ’可能性が上がっている’のか?なぜなら西洋と東洋の金融のスパーリングが昨日非常に深刻な方向へ向いた可能性があり、軍事戦術的な核兵器が爆発したと私は真剣に思っています。もしそれが事実であったとしたら、中国は証拠を出し、報復に出るでしょう。今までは金融の/技術的な/貿易戦争が行われてきていて、それはくすぶった段階であったのが、本物の戦争になり、最初の弾が放たれたのです私は天津で起きたことにういて本気でコメントを求めています。どうか、あなたの意見を送ってこないで下さい。私は、なぜあの爆発が核爆発なのか、或いはそうではないのか、それだけを聞きたいのです。あの爆発が軍事戦術的な核爆発でなかったことを誰かが証明してくれるまで、私の考えは変わりません。これから世界で起きることから私達みんなを神様が助けてくださいますように!

Standing Watch,

Bill Holter
Holter-Sinclair collaboration
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